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We are the best construction & interior decorator in Patna. It has provided an outstanding feature to decorate and design the space. You will love and prefer the decoration here and say ‘Wow!’ The Articien Interior Design Service has given the best results to its clients. 2-D and 3-D designs are provided in such mode which gives a fabulous decoration. We work for 3BHK, 2BHK, and all types of building decorations. Our experience is so wide and having more years of working knowledge. Our end-to-end services provide you an excellent home interior designs in Patna.

What We Do

We can decorate your home with all process that creates your home aesthetically. We are the best and can deliver the best Construction and interior design in Patna for your restaurants, offices, retail stores, homes, and hotels.

2D and 3D design

2D, 3D, and Layout Design

We prefer the 2D & 3D design for your home. We give the best look outside and inside your home. Our 2D & 3D design meets every challenge that gives perfection in design. The Articien 2D space plan shows a flat layout for walls and rooms. The 3D design gives a fully furnished and decorated space with modern textures and materials.
Exterior Design

Exterior Design

We are famous for our exterior design service in Patna. It has given different solutions to clients for exterior design and decoration. We use perfect color and texture and ensure that your home looks great and gives a curb appeal. Our design meets that experience which is enjoyable and seamless.
Interior Design

Interior Design

We are the perfect construction & interior decorators in Patna. Our interior design service in Patna is so famous because we give a modern look to your inside space. You can choose wallpaper, paintings, luxurious settings, and more. We provide functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for homes, bars, restaurants, apartments, hotels, offices, stores, etc. with colorful designs and looks.
Architecture Design

Architecture Design

We follow a modern design and architecture for the living space. The Articien provides the interior & exterior design with a perfect plan that is suitable for your building. We give a beautiful look and attractive modern pattern and enhance the space with art modern interior design style.
Construction Design

Construction Design

Construction design is that procedure that creates art of new facilities and represents it with detailed specifications and plans. The construction design meets the plan and identifies resources and activities required to create the interior design with a physical look and reality.
Residential Design

Residential Design

Our Interior Decoration In Patna has given the top level of solutions for residential design. It has provided the best features and gives your resident space beautifully arranged. You can choose to decorate your space as per your choice and we give the best result to decorate your residence.
Office Design

Office Design

We design your office in a specialized way, giving it a professional look. Our Interior Decoration In Patna is one of the most famous for designing and decorating the space for specific aspects. You can also get the color contrast professionally. Our decoration style is preferable to its uniqueness.
Commercial Design

Commercial Design

Our Interior Decoration has given us an innovative commercial design. We are famous and have an outstanding concept to give the Best Interior Decoration Service In Patna. You can get a new and beautiful design here. We give such a contrast and arrangements that you love.

Why you need The Articien

The Articien has an experienced staff to decorate and design as per the customer's choice. We are the best interior designer in Patna. Our interior design service in Patna is so popular because we use modern and latest concepts. We take the minimum time needed for drawing and completing the project on the given deadline. We are also cost-effective and provide a quality service to our customers.

Interior Design

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
Our first step is to collect all information and understand the customer's needs. We fulfill all demands of our customers on a priority level. Our deadline meets the project completion. The skilled staff are ready to accept your order always. We provide Construction and interior design for our customers with an outline of a contract agreement for a working relationship on an interior design project. It is similar to a business contract document and helps you to avoid any misunderstanding. We also include our introduction of the company and work statement. The payment and other terms are also included in the clause.
We follow the path to suit every pattern and design in a modernized way. We use modern Concepts. Our Construction and interior design is a fascinating field and allows the designers to transform your space into functional and captivating environments. Our interior design meets the ideas, development, and conceptualization of unique designs like biophilic architecture. Our concepts provide a unique lens and explore distinct themes. We also highlight the design principles and key elements. Our designers cater the diverse needs and create a remarkable environment that helps to reflect individuality. Ewe also hear your voice and understand what you prefer and choose in design and pattern.
We provide the best design to suit your space. You can choose the design as per your choice. We focus on timeless elegance, artistic expression, cultural fusion, whimsical wonderland, sensory sanctuary, futuristic minimalism, urban oasis, coastal retreat, retro revival, industrial chic, etc. As a service provider of Construction and interior design in Patna, we hire experienced designers who are eligible to transform your ordinary space into outstanding ones. They use their experience by manipulating texture, color, form, and light with a thoughtful plan and arrangements. We ensure that you will be happy with all aspects and enjoy your professionally designed and decorated home.
We give you the best installation and create an artistic design that can be so attractive for your space. We accept your choice to give the best results. We design and build your workplace or home as a procurement route in which our main contractor gets appointed to construct and design the works based on the Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) package. Our installation acts on installing something that can be temporary, fixed, or semi-fixed location. We also completed the unit which has been installed. We also refer to apparatus, machinery, plant, etc. that can be connected for use or placed in position. There are different types of approaches used here like single-location, phased installation, direct, and parallel.
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Interior Design

Customer Says

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interior design??

Interior design provides a functional, beautiful, attractive, creating indoor space with planning, design, and research work. It gives a good feel to your home, office, buildings, and all spaces.

What are the types of interior design?

There are different types of interior design like Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Rustic, Industrial, Minimalism, Traditional, Art Deco, Modern, etc.

What is exterior design?

Exterior design is the procedure of designing the space for the external appearance of landscapes, outdoor spaces, and buildings. It involves the foundation elements, roofs, cladding, etc.

What are the types of exterior design?

The Articien gives different types of exterior design like midcentury style, loft aesthetics, high-tech design, glass for exterior, modern black homes, classic exterior style, etc.

Are we always available for the service?

Yes, we are always available with modern textures, designs, and architecture to satisfy our customers. We can also come to your door for your service to give the best impact in exterior or interior designs.

Is The Articien cost-effective and has experienced staff?

The Articien provides every design that suits your space in the budget. The staff are skilled and have more than enough experience to decorate and design the space.

Why is interior and exterior decoration important?

The interior design makes a space more functional, fashionable, and practical. It gives a tranquility and sense of peace. The exterior design protects a building, gives an attractive look, acts as a protective barrier, enhances curb appeal, etc.

Is The Articien good to choose?

Yes! The Articien has provided top-level services to its clients. It never compromises with the quality.

How can you consult The Articien?

You can visit our website and call us at our contact number. You can also send a request quote online for a meeting or visit our office.

What problem does our interior design service solve?

The Articien can create more space from thin air, create an additional room, design a space that meets demands, design gallery walls for precious memories, etc.

What can we give in our services for Construction and interior design in Patna?

We as a Contractor in Patna offer different types of services for interior design:
  • Plumbing and Electrical services
  • Floor installation
  • Painting and decorating
  • Furniture installation
  • Wall covering installation