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False Ceiling Work

False Ceiling Work

False Ceiling Work For Soundproof Room

A secondary ceiling that is made up of different materials is a false ceiling it is used in construction to add a layer below the actual ceiling for aesthetic and functional benefits. The Articien is the place where False ceiling work has provided for a good-looking home. We use different types of ceiling materials such as  PVC, POP (Plaster of Paris), gypsum ceilings, wood, and more. False ceiling works as soundproof in the room and balances the temperature of the room.

As an aesthetic addition to the space, the false ceiling helps to conceal the hard wiring, pipes, and beams successfully. Our interior designers use false ceiling materials as per the finish, cost-effectiveness, properties, durability, and appearance.

Some Types Of False Ceiling Work

POP (Plaster Of Paris): It is long-lasting and highly durable. It also has the tendency of a room insulator that helps to maintain the temperature of the room against cold and heat. When it is used to design, paired, and carved with appropriate lighting, it doesn’t disappoint.

Gypsum ceiling: It is prevalent and designers use it for installation. Also, it can be cut into several sizes.

Wooden ceiling: It brings elegance, and warmth to any room that is seamless. It is used as in any shape with other materials, beams, or planks. We use the wooden ceiling for a rustic and nature-inspiring aura that only comes from wood paint.

PVC false ceiling: It is a termite-proof material and water-resistant. It is ready to install, durable, and lightweight.

We also use other materials for false ceiling work like metal ceiling, glass ceiling, fiber ceiling, fabric and synthetic ceilings, and more.

Benefits Of The Articien False Ceiling Work:


       Temperature control


       Fire protection

       Moisture resistance

       Aesthetic appeal

       Increased property value

       Increase natural lighting

       Hot air go

       Exposed rafters

       Improved acoustics

       Better lighting options

Why Choose Us For False Ceiling Work

We are more experienced in this field. Our interior designers are talented and work smoothly to give their best. They complete the work as per the given deadline and we only focus on our work to satisfy our customers.