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Building And Construction

Welcome to The Articien, the specialized construction company for top-class piling solutions. We are the premier provider of piling services designed to meet the specific construction needs of our clients whether you need sheet piling, foundation piling, or any other construction-oriented services. We are confident to impress with the services that we provide for our clients. So, if you are looking for the best construction company for your project, we are here for you.
Construction is a broad field and any project is related to the civil engineering sector. Building refers to building a business home, or apartment with walls and roof. Construction is a broad term and includes measurement, drafting, and some tools. Construction is of 5 types ordinary, non-combustible, heavy timber, fire resistive, and wood frame. The Articien uses the modern method of construction and improved structural integrity, lessening building time, reducing cost, and ensuring the best sustainability.

How Do We Work For Our Client’s Projects?

We work on more types of projects in the construction field like residential, commercial, remodeling, and renovation. Our residential construction projects involve the alteration, construction, and repair of apartment buildings or single-family houses and follow different criteria for some floors like first floor, half floor, attic, basement, and top floor. Our commercial construction services involve constructing, designing, and renovating the building and structure for commercial use. We build retail stores, office buildings, factories, warehouses, and more. 

By remodeling construction services we update, renovate, and improve existing structures like commercial buildings and homes. renovating, updating, or improving existing structures, such as homes or commercial buildings with cosmetic upgrades and minor repairs. As a construction company, we also renovate the defective and damaged building in a good state with modern techniques.

We also work on the project of Industrial construction services. We specialize in building structures for manufacturing and different industrial purposes like power plants, factories, and chemical processing facilities. We pay attention to the stringent safety, complexity, and regulatory standards.

The Articien also focuses on Green building services to create structures that are environment-friendly and sustainable. It involves energy-efficient materials, minimizing waste during the construction process, and incorporating renewable energy sources.

Why Need Building Construction?

Infrastructure development: It involves the airports, hospitals, roads, bridges, schools, and other essential facilities construction. It provides opportunities to workers for jobs, helps to shape & maintain society and its environment, powers & gives growth to businesses, and provides quick accessibility to healthcare, education, and more.
Safety and security: The building and construction focuses on to withstand fires, and other potential risks, natural disasters, and ensure the security and safety of occupants.
Technological and architectural advancements: Building construction allows for integrating advanced technologies and innovative architectural designs.
Economic growth: Our building construction gives employment opportunities and generates revenue.
Population and urbanization growth: We Construct commercial, residential, and industrial buildings to provide the proper space for people to work, live, and carry out their daily activities. For urbanization growth, it is essential to accommodate the rising demand for housing and infrastructure.
Environment sustainability: Our construction of green buildings and their materials helps to minimize waste, lower the carbon footprint, and reduce energy consumption.

What Our Company Provide?

    • Oversee quality control for construction works
    • Providing materials such as concrete or wood
    • Manage the construction projects
    • Draft blueprints and designs
    • Oversee safety on-site
    • Manage crews of workers and subcontractors

Our Other Services:

    • Window and door installation
    • Hydraulic Piling Services
    • MS Liner Plate Rolling
    • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
    • Basement finishing
    • Pile Reinforcement Cage Making
    • Room additions
    • Flooring installation
    • Painting and drywall repair
    • DMC Piling Services
    • TMR PIling Services
    • Auger/Manual Pile Services
    • Chiesel Bailor Piling Services
    • Roofing and siding replacement

Why Choose Us?

We have completed various projects on building and construction. Our workers are so skilled to carry on your demand on priority level. We follow a path to complete the project on time and hear your demands or needs that you want to get. You can contact us for any building and construction project. We give our best results and dedicatedly work on the given project to complete it in time.
We have years of experience in the construction industry and developed an excellent reputation by the delivery of high-quality construction-based services that are efficient, cost-effective, and reliable. Our skilled professional team is dedicated to guaranteeing your project for exact specifications.


Do you have a project deadline?
All our clients need to get their project on time. So, we know that you also have a project deadline and we happily work on that to hand over your dreamed project on a given timeline.

Why choose The Articien Construction team?
The Articien Construction team has great experience and they are professional in their work. They have many years of experience in the construction field. So, you don’t have to worry about your project.

Where do you want to build?
On any place, we can work on your project. So, you have to decide on your land and we start our work on it.

Do you choose subcontractors?
If you want to choose subcontractors, we also work on that for flooring, electrical, plumbing, roofing, insulation, painting, etc.
What is our process to build?
We use all the techniques to build your dream project like modern, old, traditional, or others that are in demand.

How quickly we start the construction?
Once we take your project we start our work with a proper plan. We never compromise with our services and work with quality.

Can you visit on-site at the time of construction work on your project?
Yes, of course, you can visit your site at the time of construction work. We feel pleasure to show you our dedication and performance.

How do we manage your projects?
We understand what you need and how to work on your project with great experience and manage your project with the scope and the best choice. We have a specialty in our profession so, we always handle the project in a good way.

Do you need to be properly insured?
Yes, accidents may occur at any time. So you should always prepare to be insured for your construction project whether it is your home, office, or any other building.

How much do we charge for a project?
The Articien is a cost-effective company and we work on your project within budget.

What is our design process for building construction?
We use a variety of procedures to construct your building that is in demand or as per your choice. We use modern techniques or innovative methods to design and construct your building.

What are the benefits of constructing your building?
There are so many benefits to constructing your building like you can work, stay, live, welcome your family and relatives, do entertainment, it will be your own space, you will be safe from any hazards or disasters, and more.