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Living Room

Living Room Design

The Bespoke And Artistic Design For The Living Room

A living room is the space of your home that is used for sleeping, relaxing, talking, watching TV, entertaining friends, and so on. It is a front room that should always look arranged, beautiful, and attractive. The Articien offers architectural plans and designs for your living room. It includes a space plan, floor plan, furniture layout, and 3D models and elevation.

You can spend a big part of your day because this is the living room interior design that welcomes you and re-energizes. A beautiful home fits your specialised needs and we are perfect to make your private space beautiful.

Our Services For Your Living Room

Industrial: A designer living room reflects a showcase of what people need. The use of a raw, unfinished feel in the living room design gives a neutral tone and old-warm charm. It is used as modernistic art with vintage aesthetic meetings.

Modern: With great architecture, the modern style living room is designed by The Articien and sets the tone of sophistication and simplicity. It gives clean lines, functionality, and metallic undertones.

Traditional: It reflects the timeless style that exuberates warmth and richness with an electric interior design that suits the hall furniture pieces and inspires the homeowner.

Minimalist: It encompasses the feeling that less is also enough. It brings richness and simplicity to the living room through a texture, silhouette, and monochromatic palette.

Rustic: It is an organic and natural style for the living room. The wooden fixtures, warm color compatibility, and canvas material are used which are tied together with a grittiness dash.

Contemporary: It is a modern amalgamation of traditional and futuristic styles. It has a characteristic of minimalism and curved lines.

Our interior designers have a great experience in watching the condition of your living room. If there is any fault they give a bit of great advice and as well as solution. If you need to design your living room you can contact our interior designers.